MSP-X: The First MovieStarPlanet VIP Cheat

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What is MSP-X?

MovieStarPlanet has kept millions of players entertained, including myself!  Unfortunately, like all good game developers, they became more interested in money than keeping gamers happy... If your willing to spend money, it will unlock exclusive items, games, wallpapers and more.  Not to mention the special treatment all V.I.P. members receive.  I grew tired of not getting the same rewards that players who spent money received, and decided to do something about it!  I developed the first working multi-hack client for MovieStarPlanet; I call it "MSP-X."

★ Features 

StarCoin Bot

Never run out of StarCoins again!  Using private exchange sites this bot will earn StarCoins without you having to do anything!  The bot is set to watch movies automatically, and you'll earn 10 SC/per movie.

Fame Booster

Easily boost your fame to the level of your choice!  Simply choose one of your movies, and our system of +5000 bots will begin watching it!  Each view is worth 200 Fame Points so you'll be a Legendary Movie Star in no time!

VIP Upgrade

Each week they hold a contest for V.I.P. upgrades and award multiple members, but we have found an exploit to win every time!  Receive exclusive V.I.P. clothes, furniture, music, backgrounds, and more all without spending any money!

Item Unlocker

Don't let other players show off items you can't purchase!  Use our unlocking tool and receive any item of your choice!  We update our list with new items within hours of them being released, so you'll never be without again!

Game Unlocker

It's never fair when we are excluded from games, especially great titles such as "Feed The Panda", "StickyLinky", "Pet Party" and other V.I.P. exclusive games! Now everyone can experience the fun using our game unlocker to play any game you choose!

Stealth Client

We have encrypted our program in 32-AYZ encryption keys to may sure it is completely undetectable.  All of our bots also have a fixed rate to make sure your accounts are NEVER put at risk!

What are you waiting for?  Download Now!