Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Banned For Using MSP-X?

No, there is no chance of being caught, as this cheat is done completely client side. This means they can't detect/see that your coins have changed, only what you spend the coins on.  We take our time, to ensure every update is undetectable, and can promise that our users accounts will NEVER be put in harms way.

How Long Does It Take For My Account To Become VIP?

It usually takes around 1-2 days to verify and upgrade your account.  On occasion, MovieStarPlanet's servers have been backed up, and the upgrading accounts takes longer.  If it has been a week, and you still haven't been upgraded try re-submitting your e-mail or contact our support team.

How Does MSP-X Work?

MSP-X was designed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, and coded in C#.  It uses large math algorithms to automate specific tasks.  The StarCoins bot for example, is simply a a non-existing bot watching other players movies to earn you StarCoins!  These algorithms are unique to the bots, and prevent MovieStarPlanet from detecting them as automated viewers.  If you'd like to learn more about the program and/or how it functions, the "Contact Us" page details how to get in touch with the developer.

Why Do I Need To Complete A Survey?

Although this is our most common issue/complaint, it is also the most important element.  When you fill out the short offer, you prove that your not a bot/spam trying to leak our program.  It may seem odd, but there is a technique to prevent hackers/cheaters known as "Google Dorks."  It allows developers to enter a specific search query, and then Google shows them every existing hack/cheat that is available online for the developer's game.  It is very effective, and is used by game developers everywhere, including MovieStarPlanet.  To avoid detection, we needed to make it impossible for Google to access our program, and inform MovieStarPlanet that it exists.  So by adding a survey, Google doesn't know what to do, and simply moves to the next result.

If you are having trouble completing the survey, I strongly suggest using this website: https://www.FakeNameGenerator.com  You can simply enter the information from Fake Name Generator into the survey questions, and it will unlock your file(s) 2-3 seconds later.

Are There Any Planned Updates For MSP-X?

We plan to update our program with patches to ensure it stays undetected by MovieStarPlanet, but their are also planned features that will arrive in coming updates.  Some features we are going to include in the next release include:

-  Diamond Bot

-  Instant Top Fame Level Booster.

- "Unlock All" button to unlock all items/food/clothes.

-  MovieStarPlanet Character Name Changer.

If you would like to see a feature added, or have found a bug/issue with MSP-X feel free to contact our support team via the "Contact Us" page.

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